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Fischer’s Universal Privacy Policy

Copyright Note: Copyright 2018 Fischer Lord


This policy is intended to cover any website, computer system, or network (the “Systems”) operated by Fischer Lord, or authorized agent thereof. It does not cover services utilized by Fischer’s Systems, or sites/ services linked to by any of Fischer’s Systems. This policy may be void if a individual, group, or collective effort attempts to breach, take down, or otherwise disrupt or promote any illegal or immoral activity not expressly approved by Fischer. Fischer reserves the right to modify this page at any time without any notice.

Sec.1: Definitions

  • the “Systems”: Any computer, website, or network operated solely by Fischer Lord.
  • “Illegal Activity”: Any action that may violate or lead to violating United States Law or law of user’s respective State.
  • “Cookies”: pieces of information stored on a user’s computer by a website for the purpose of either tracking them or storing login data and analytical data.

Sec.2: Privacy Expectations

Users believe that to visit a site on their own accord, they bring with them a right to privacy, not unlike that of a home. Additionally, it is assumed that users believe they are not 1. tracked via location 2. tracked via web activity 3. listed to via microphone, or 4. utilized to target advertisements.

Sec.3: What we do

We do not track users location at all. We also will never use any form of cookies to target ads, listen or record users without their express permission, or use their webcam. We also will not track keystrokes, or web activity off our Systems. We do collect anonymous usage statistics. These are very limited, and cannot by any means be stratified to point out a particular individual. We also collect basic geographical location from your IP (think street address for computers) address. This is purely limited to country. We also collect what browser (eg. IE, Chrome, Firefox) is being used, as well as what type of computer (MacOS, Windows, Android, IOS). These are all used for statistical and security purposes.

Sec.4: Exceptions

This policy is void in relation to any place on any of our other sites that notifies the user accordingly. These areas are used for testing purposes.