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Georgia Waterfalls


This is a map iv’e made of every known waterfall in the state of Georgia. It also contains many from surrounding area, including North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Alabama. I’ve removed lots of “falls” that are really just larger rapids or shoals- all the falls listed here are 10 feet in single vertical drop or more. 

[last map reload 12-4-18]


Download in KMZ format:


Download in KML format:

(soon to come)

V3 release notes:

-removed most duplicates

-some waterfalls had each smaller cascade as a separate fall, I removed these and left just one. 

-links are broken to websites, use till I update them. 

-working on verifying lots of them which look like season or “only when raining” type falls; not true waterfalls.

-still a lot of duplicates / false positives to remove


Other Notes:

please note i’m not responsible for the location or accuracy of these placemarks. Some are pulled from satellite images- others from various online databases. While I have visited many of these and are working to verify as many as possible, it’s just impossible to guarantee the accuracy of these placemarks. At best, many of them are a general approximation.